Chloe the Canadian Fire 7"

by Apart Aside

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released December 12, 2011

Recorded and produced by Verify Yr Age.

First single

Šimon - guitar, vocals
Mára - guitar, piano, synths
Pája - bass, beats, synths, vocals
Terka - vocals on 'Princess Snowstar's Anthem'


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Apart Aside Královéhradecký, Czech Republic

Three young dudes who play and produce music that they enjoy, and if someone else is enjoying it too, well good for them. All of band's releases are pure DIY with almost no budget at all, using only cheap gear...

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Track Name: Chloe the Canadian Fire
Maybe she's the mystery, just like a book explaing how to lose some creepy stickers have some fun,
you dare, to step right over there even if someone else would chose a different pace you don't care if that's the one.
I asked it how, how do you do, how do you leave the grief behind.
I see you drift I have to learn to get as much delight as you'd the treat I'd find.

Cause she said

Others they like to pay for mistakes they have done,
they say what is a happiness for we'd rather throw our lives away

Chloe, you're the mystery, my happines might went somewhere'cause it just saw red hightlight in your hair,
I cried in bed, what should I do instead, of wondering why things are not just comming on alright and it's not fair.
I tried to beat, tried to defeat all of your steps leading my feet.
Success dependend on the curumstainces, cannadian wine and on your creed.

Cause she said...

Shall we start with that wine,
Chloe, Canadian fire.
Track Name: Princess Snowstar's Anthem
Why dont we talk
why dont we go for a walk
till sky is bright and sun that gets
behind the houses out of sight

as we leave for the unknown land
you hold my hand and whisper
words of common beauty, songs by

Death Cab for Cutie

And when you leave
i'll call mates out to destroy
the town and burn all the
old and ugly houses down

Well youre no more
i found myself down licking the floor
and rust and faith on my face
took my smile to godforsaken place (2x)

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