Goodbye Bill Murray

by Apart Aside

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Imbibing a cigarette smoke, lady with mustache and thighs like boats, cheap dress covers her crystal bones, inside her chest, two hearts of stone. Someone close to me said: ,,Well this is how future looks like" And I don't know if we are losing our sensitivity, we can't find the right words and put them together And it's difficult today to have something to say, 'cause someone else for sure, already said the same before. You can't replace the wine with Shirley Temple. It's female future who blows some backlash to our bodies.
I sit by a lake and i'm soaking my feet and a Spirit of Summer is sitting by me we're talking for days about the trips to space, about how we used to drink wine! he says: "I know what it's like to leave scar on the face of the earth that's under,but way too far. I'm a Spirit of Summer, your work is half done at least, we're having fun" Fun! "You should know, I know more, than you know about you. After me comes a Spirit of Fall, I'll be leaving you too. I expect you to get over the shit, I forced you into!" I sit by a lake and my head's in my hands, and a Spirit of summer says: "No offence, but if had a chance to live life, as you three do, I'd differently than you do!" So We sat by a water, both soaking our feet, both sick of our lives and sick of what we consider a part of being This boy called Summer, two hearts and me. Me!
You were grateful to your lucky star, as his taste lasted all night. You lost your patience as relation got cold, killed him and felt alright. You have watched brown horses race, when you went to see a doctor, he said, without batting the eye, made that face again: That doesn't make you bad, urge to nail 'em all to wall. So, Beware of brown horses and make them get out of your way Slay them with well known blasteroid face, I remember eight times a day. /Epic-combo snare solo/ Beware of brown horses and make them get out of your way Slay them with well known blasteroid face, I remember eight times a day. There's so many things going on in your head, but you seem completely resistant. Horse with a hat is wise and farseeing, he sees you like nobody did before, he's your reflection in a mirror, fancy ahead. When you water him, he will grow to a half height of your chest and your nose held up goes down, along with rest of your face. So, Raspberries in your eyes tell the body to move or not to move and we'll see, if blasteroid in your soul, according to your suppose, will let him go, or will keep him close.
Undead Collective Used Fireworks Once to make some new wisdoms they kept every chance. Sally said: It's kind of weird and not right, that sparkles on sky we see just during the night. Octopus Cowboy said:,,Keep in your mind, that time goes much faster for those who are blind." Just Toby was slow, the wise words almost missed, he said the only way to get outta this was kiss. We were growing outside, all alone in a darkness far. We're about to shine a light, so are sparkles in a sky, to signalize, these sparkles are heaven, we wrote at least one stupid poem about. Some of us are evil, they say the world is more gray than you care to admit they are liars, they know nothing, what's it like to be dead Our Fireworks! They used Our Fireworks!
There is a girl above, She means more than meets the eye, her smile is sun, her lips are south, her beauty makes you want to die. but she's not done with you, she says, if you run fast your monsters can't catch you and they might tell, you're not doing well, but they can go to hell. Time's of no consequence. when ceiling's after you, there's just one bed, I bet you both can barely fit, then what to do. but she's not done with you, she says, there's still a hope, that they won't defeat you just one last breathe, take a baseball bat and beat their brains to death Soon I'll be leaving here, I've learned you what I could. that's what she said, this lasted short devils are scared of ya and they should. She's now done with you, she says: ,,Some people sing and others are staring. Cut the rivalries for higher good and peace And break their legs in knees."
Follow me, Follow me, You'll be fine, We'll be fine.


Third EP.


released October 7, 2012

Šimon - guitar, piano, toy piano, beats, vocals
Mára - guitars, piano, strings, synths
Pája - bass, synths, samples, beats, electronics

Recorded, produced, mastered and performed at home by band members. No other participants were involved. #DIY


all rights reserved



Apart Aside Královéhradecký, Czech Republic

Three young dudes who play and produce music that they enjoy, and if someone else is enjoying it too, well good for them. All of band's releases are pure DIY with almost no budget at all, using only cheap gear...

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